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Úri utca 41. (No. 41 Úri Street)

This building was seriously damaged in the siege of 1944-1945, and in the place of the demolished two-storey Baroque building, on the corner of Úri Street and Dárda Street there is now a modern building. During the rebuilding after the war only two original parts were saved: the 16th-century gates opening to Dárda Street, and a part of the northern side wall in the courtyard of today's building. The latter preserved a rare memory of a room originating from the 13th-century: the remains of the pointed arch on supporting stones.

No. 41-43 Úri street, 1920s

No. 41 Úri street, Turkish gate opening on the facade of the Dárda street ground floor facade, 1959

No. 41 Úri street, frame stone of a Turkish gate, on the ground floor facade of Dárda street, 1959