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Úri utca 52. (No. 52 Úri Street)

No. 52 Úri street, facade looking onto the Bastion promenade, 1959This Baroque mansion was converted into a tenement house during rebuilding carried out after 1945. The Italian-style building with an enclosed courtyard was built on the site of the ruins of two medieval houses at the turn of the 17-18th centuries. Above the gate in the central bay is the coat-of-arms of the Széchenyi family (according to the tablet placed here Count Sigismund Széchenyi, the famous hunter and writer, lived in this building before World War I.)


The gates of No. 52 Úri street, 1910s

No. 52 Úri street, gateway from the yard, 1961

No. 52 Úri street, detail of the corridor leading to the well under the facade looking onto the Bastion promenade, 1960

The window of No. 52 Úri street on the facade on the side of Bastion promenade, 1960