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Fortuna utca 13. (No. 13 Fortuna Street)

No. 15, 13 Fortuna street, 1920sIt is a smaller-size Baroque dwelling house. It was built on the remains of a former medieval building at the beginning of the 18th century and at the end of the 19th century. Its three bays long frontage was restructured in 1933. The stone-framed Baroque gate opens on the right. The keystone of the three-centred arch gate is ornamented with a torso-head carving. There are simple window frames with Baroque Classical bars on the ground floor. Between the second storey windows two round arched niches can be seen.


No. 13 Fortuna street,a round 1940

No. 13 Fortuna street, sitting niches in the gates before research, 1960

No. 13 Fortuna street, Gothic door found in the southern wall of the gates, 1959

No. 13 Fortuna street, the excavation of the Gothic door in the southern wall of the gates, 1959