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Tárnok utca 1. (No. 1 Tárnok Street)

No. 1-3 Tárnok street, around 1890Two-storey burgher's house, with a richly decorated Baroque Classical gate, which was ordered by András Palkovics, the town's chief medical officer in 1795. This fact is also referred to in the chronost icon of the gate's tympanum: AEVO NOBIS, CASV BVDA NEFANDO LVX EXTINCTA REDIT. The building's round arched, medieval gate frame reappeared as a result of the devastation of the siege of 1944-1945. 

Additional premises on the ground floor are also of medieval origin, though most parts of the building were constructed during the restoration that took place at the end of the 17th century, after which the building was altered several times.


No. 1 Tárnok street, 1910s

The courtyard of No. 1 Tárnok street with the hanging corridor, 1910s

Entrance of No. 1 Tárnok street, 1910s

Maria statue in the staircase of No. 1 Tárnok street, 1920s