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Tárnok utca 7. (No. 7 Tárnok Street)

The mansion at No. 7-13 Tárnok Street was the property of the ducal line of descendents of the Esterházy family since the 18th century. The complex was nearly completely destroyed during the 1944-1945 siege of World War II, and was replaced by a modern tenement house (No. 13 Tárnok Street) and a primary school (No. 9-11 Tárnok Street). Only the building at No. 7 Tárnok Street was restored in the 1960's and the original Baroque details of the frontage were given a dark contour.

No. 7 Tárnok street, around 1940No. 7 Tárnok street, gateway and the eastern side of the house, 1960

No. 7 Tárnok street, datail of the facade

No. 7 Tárnok street, courtyard