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Bécsi kapu - the Foreground of Vienna Gate

Angel Statue Figure

Monument erected on Bécsi gates square on the anniversary of the recapture of Buda, 1936The statue is a work by Béla Ohmann, and was inaugurated on September 2nd, 1936. The brass-made figure of an angel dramatically moving forward on the right leg, and holding an apostolic double-cross in the right hand, is set on a simple limestone pedestal. On the right of the pedestal is an inscription in Latin as follows:

 "BUDA REGIA + EX SERVITVTE - IN LIBERTATEM - RESTITVTA - A [nno] D[omini] MDCLXXXVI". Which translates as: "The royal castle of Buda, delivered from slavery into liberty in the year of our Lord 1686".

 On the left, in Hungarian: "BUDAVÁR - FELSZABADÍTÁSÁNAK - 250. ÉVFORDULÓJÁN EMELTE A SZÉKESFOVÁROS. Which translates as: "Erected by the capital on the 250th anniversary of Buda Castle's liberation." 

Memorial Tablet

 In the limestone tablet placed on the wall of the right-hand side of the gate, the following Latin inscription is engraved:

 "IN MEMORIAM - HEROUM CHRISTI - ANORUM PRO URBE - BUDA MORTUORUM - ANNO MDCLXXXVI". Which translates as: "In memory of the Christian heroes who died for the town of Buda in 1686. "

 Wick Niche

 The red marble embossment is located behind the wrought iron bars on the landing of the staircase that leads up to the castle wall, with a coat of arms illustrating the Buda Castle main gate with a wick holder. Above and below the coat of arms is the following inscription: "VIRTUTI - TRIUMPHANTI - SACRUM". Which translates as: "To be consecrated for triumphant valour".


Bécsi gates square, the dedication ceremony of the monument erected on the anniversary of the recapture of Buda, 2 September, 1936

Bécsi gates square with the monument, 1936

Memorial plaque on the right side of the Bécsi gates, 1936Light niche, 1936