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Hess András tér 1-2. - Saint Nicholas Tower

St Michael tower, around 1890The tower on the eastern side of Hess András Square is the medieval Saint Nicholas church tower. Its construction, which probably commenced in the early 1500's, was completed towards the end of the century. At one time it was much higher, but nowadays only its lower three floors remain standing. It has a square foundation while its massive building from the third floor level had at one once an octagonal plan; however, these floors were destroyed towards the end of the Turkish period. From 1924 to 1926 the subsequently added remains were uncovered and the original architectural elements of the building were renovated. 

In 1930 the Memorial to Matthias Hunyadi, which can still be seen today, was placed on the ground floor of the western square facade.Today the tower is enclosed between the two blocks of the Hilton Hotel and presents an interesting contrast between that of the western, utterly modern frontage and the southern, Baroque Classical frontage. The designers strived to employ modern means in constructing the former octagonal building part above the second floor.

Hess András (Iskola) square with the building of the girls' school, 1920s

Hess András (Pázmány) square from the side of the Matthias Church, around 1930